Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day in Midland

This was a day of love, a day of sorrow. Today we buried newborn Carson, my great-grandson. But we must look forward to the future and start the process of grieving. These photos were taken with my phone so I apologize up front for the lack of sharpness. First there were miles and miles of flat land.
Then there were windmills...... For as far as the eye could see.

Then there were oil rigs

and cactus
Then we arrived in Midland. It was so good to see Ashley and her sweet 
daughter Addisynn. Here are a few family photos taken before the funeral at a wonderful 
lunch given by the preacher and his family.
Our Daughter Leah and Addisynn
 The girls
Addi, Joan, Leah, Lori and Ashley
 Addi is loving the puppy
 All dressed up

 Joan and Addi

 Ashley and me
Addi is Daddy's Girl
Addi loves to push the scooter :o)
Addi makes sure everyone has tissues
So sweet...................
The Urn and arrangements
The Balloon Release
Addi does more pushing :o)

Then the long trip back home.
This has been a day of ups and downs, but thru it all, a day of love.
God Bless and Keep you dear Carson.