Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Boy Franco

The sister of a girl at work had a baby boy a month ago and couldn't afford
to have photos taken. Had her bring the baby up to work and did a "mini"
session of about 20 min. He was a little squirmy, lighting not the best,
but it was fun.

Monday, June 27, 2011

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been working on post

added 3 more pics to the Addisynn Newborn Shoot...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

odds and ends

Ft Worth Botanical Gardens 2009

Ft Worth skyline

Movie Studios at Las Colinas

Sharkarosa Wildlife Reserve


Fireworks 2010wonderful deserted old bank in Bivens, TX

Rusty things

Jefferson, TX

horses and zebras

And this catches you up... from here on out postings will be of current photo shoots.


Rained out Nationwide Race April 2010
Nationwide Race (almost) 4-2010

iZOD 500 at TMS 2010

Italian Car Fest 2010

Coffee and Cars May 1, 2010

Sonic Car Show May 1 2010

Frontiers of Flight Museum 2010

Old War Birds on Parade 2010

Alliance Air Show set 1

Alliance Air Show set 2

AAA 500 Sprint Cup Race Nov 2010


Lori and Billy - Matthew

Studio shoot - photo club

Ashley and Tyler - Addisynn

Lori and Billy - Daniel

Butterflies and Dragons and flowers

Butterfly Release - Ft Worth 2008

Butterfly Release - Ft Worth 2010

Discovery Gardens Butterfly House 2010



bugs and insects

from my garden

Wildlife Photography - others

other birds and animals. My mother lives in the sticks in East Texas and her front yard is full of deer, squirrels and birds.
The Eagle Fest in Raines County was interesting... a very cold day in Feb. and not an eagle in sight....
Eagle Fest 2010

other birds from Baytown


From Mom's front porch

Wildlife Photography - Raptors

There is something so fascinating by these powerful birds.....

Will start off with a pair of Red Tailed Hawks that spent a couple of days in our back yard...
note the mockingbird that dive bombs the hawks :o)
Backyard Raptor

A trip to Baytown to view the Eagle nest there
Baytown Eagles

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center 2010

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center Birds of Prey-2011  

Wildlife Photography - Lions and Tigers Oh My

Pug Mark Park is a big cat rescue that is not open to the public. but once a month they allow the photo club to come shoot photos.  My favorite zoo is the Fort Worth Zoo.

Very old Ft Worth Zoo pics

Ft Worth Zoo March 2010

Fort Worth Zoo May 2010

Fort Worth Zoo Feb 2011

Pub Mark Park Feb 2010

Pug Mark Park June 2010

Pug Mark Park Sept 2010

Wildlife Photography - Fossil Rim

I will start my past wildlife photography with Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose, TX.  This is the most amazing place. I love it and only wish I could afford to go more often.

Fossil Rim May 2009

Fossil Rim Sept 12, 2009

Fossil Rim Sept 13, 2009

Fossil Rim June 2009

Fossil Rim July 2, 2009

Fossil Rim   April 2010

Newborn and Chld photos

The shoot with Hope and Addy went well. Got some great shots...
Here is the link to the photos I have processed so far....
Hope 6 months, Addy 3 1/2 years

and here is more of my work.. will start at the beginning so you can see my progress...




Hope - newborn - Addy 3 yr old

Addisynn - newborn

Daniel - newborn

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OK folks... here is some of my rambling....
Still working on post on pics from Addisynn's Newborn shoot, Lori's Maternity Shoot and Daniel's Newborn Shoot. Also still have 4 more Baseball Posters to create along with the slideshow DVD for the parents of the team. WHEW!!! Wish that was my only job. Still working 40 hrs in Dallas with a one to one and a half hr drive each way. Trying to work out time to do family shoot for my two nephews and their respecitve families. Hope is 6 months old now and want to do some prop shots of her with big sister Addy. Then have to come up with creative ideas for Jase (3) and Cali (18 months). Summer and July 4th means fireworks. Maverick (7) wants to go to Lake Grapevine again this year to take pics with his camera.

Next post will be links to sets of photos on Flickr.

Join me on this voyage of discovery into the world of photography. I will also try to post links to "how to's" that I find and also to some wonderful people that sell photo props.