Saturday, July 9, 2011

Other props

Peas in a Pod in two sizes... Halloween costumes

Let's play ball... Baseball props. Have a bat but couldn't get to it when I took this.

Teacups. Actually planters. Butterfly one from Hobby Lobby other from Wal-Mart

US and Marine Corp flags.. used as backdrops or as baby wraps

Angel wings, Butterfly wings and Fairy Wings

Wood Props

Yellow slickers... baby and toddler/small child sized. Used with Mermaid set or with ducks for "Spring" shot

Flower clips and ducks

Have LOTS of Christmas decorations/props as well, but not posting now.  Have lots of ideas and just have to wait until I have some "spare" money to get them. Football, soccer ball, and basketball... Lots more crocheted stuff that I will buy or make myself...My sister has cut down a sapling for me to use with the hammocks. Will pick it up in 2 weeks. Want a poser so bad, but just can't afford now.Stores will be selling  Halloween stuff soon and I can get some cute outfits then.  I have a light kit I bought a while back but don't know how to set them up yet. Another project :) **sigh**

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