Friday, August 26, 2011


Got my Tax ID yesterday.... another step toward opening home studio.........

My plans for the future include:

 3pack plexiglass from Backdrop Outlet ... eventually wll have 3 panels of all 5 types. What is in this is one each 2' x 4' panel of black, white and mirror. Other types for later are blue and clear.

Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops:

Tin Tile 92

Door 50 (shown above in both halves)
Wood Floor 115(shown in above right)

Wood Floor 164 (unless I can get the carpet pulled up and wood flooring put in)

Grunge 84

Angelina's Garden

 Angelina's Garden Patio

Cassandra's Garden Patio

The LemonDrop:
Polypaper        Charlotte 60”x7ft

Etsy: PhotoPropGuy:
BG37   5ft x 6ft

Etsy: SilverLining:
54"x8' Photography Backdrop 2-fer Faux Floor & Wall Matte Vinyl


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