Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eagle Cam Update

UPDATE: On March 30, Female #3 returned and #4 left. It was so wonderful to watch them together. As she laid in the nest, he stood next to her as if to make sure she did not leave him again. Things quickly fell into place and he seemed so happy and calm with her. I admit it, she is my favorite one too. Things going very well until Easter. That evening at around 6:30pm, they both started calling out warnings. Our female took off as if to run off an intruder... but was not to return. In her place about an hour later, here comes female #4 again. Our male is not welcoming, but not repelling either. After a few hours without the return of female #3, he accepted #4 again. As of today, April 11, #4 is in the nest and we are awaiting the return of our Female #3.
Male and Female #4

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