Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday was a busy day.....

Started off having to take my dog to the vet. He has started hitting his foot on the way out his doggie door and it created a sore spot that Jager kept licking. He licked to much and got it infected.... Now he has to wear the Cone for a few days. We have ordered some specially made support/pads for his forelegs to prevent this from happening again. He looks so sad.................
But the day was uphill from there. Bonnie had her Baby Shower. She is so beautiful. Can't wait to see my new Granddaughter in less than a month............Abigail is still breech so hopefully she will turn soon.
 This pink basket will be great at the newborn shoot :o)

 Got lots of kool stuff.... Now we just need Abigail to show up :o)

This was made by one of Bonnie's friends... they will give me the
instructions to make this.Will make a special photo prop!!

Ended the day watching the end of the Nationwide race.
Got to see JR's car win the race.
Congrats to JR and his driver Regan Smith for the win :o)

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