Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flat Kyle

Earlier this week, I got a call asking to be a part of a school project for my Niece's youngest son. This project is right up my ally and I am pleased to help out Kyle any way I can ♥
This is what I received along with a cutout of a little boy.... Flat Kyle.
"Dear Friend,
I school we read a book about a boy who got flattened by a bulletin board! His name is Flat Stanley! He wanted to go on a trip, so his family folded him up and mailed him to California.
I am mailing Flat Kyle to you. Please take him somewhere in your area, snap some photos of him on his visit and write back telling me where he went. If you have pictures, postcards or souvenirs of the place, please send them too. I will share your letter with my classmates. We are studing maps and globes, and will be interested in hearing about your part of the world.
Thank you for helping me with the project. I wish I could fold myself up and visit you! Please send your letter and Flat Kyle back to me as soon as possible at the return address on the envelope. (I read printing best.) I can't wait!

Well.... This will be fun.  Flat Kyle got to me on Thursday and got to go to Maverick's baseball game.

Friday he went to work with me.

Saturday was a BIG day... We started the day with another baseball game....

Then back at the house, Flat Kyle played with Jager and got a kiss from him 

Then he played with Maverick's Legos.

Next, Flat Kyle, Maverick and I went to a Carnival :o)

There was the Ferris Wheel....

Then the Carrousel.....

Then the favorite of the day... the small Roller Coaster!!!

Then we walked around for awhile before going home


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