Sunday, March 1, 2015

Getting Better............

I am walking without a cane now. Still uncertain on uneven ground,but getting there. My husband has done a wonderful job of caring for me and encouraging my therapy efforts. It has been lots of hard work, but see progress daily. Still having an issue with Neuropathic Pain, but pushing thru it as best as I can. Standing in one spot for a length of time is still difficult. I have started back to work and looking forward to warmer weather and taking lots of photos.  We have had snow and ice here in Texas this last few days and the slick footing has been a challenge. I found a dry spot on the driveway and got a few shots of my German Shepherd, Jager and my husband playing in the snow. I know I have a ways to go, but hope you enjoy my first efforts back behind the lens.   :) 
Let the play begin :) 

Snowball landed right in front of him 

His rawhide chew stick makes it look like something else :) 

Eating snow 

Loving this cold weather

Chewing snow covered treat :) 

Surveying his domain

Did you say treat?

This is his kind of weather 

Peaking in thru the doggie door :) 

Sneak attack :) 

Pretty Boy!

The snow has crusted over so husband gave him the
snowball and didn't throw it. 

Wow... that's cold.... Brain Freeze

Decided to drop it :) 

So Handsome

What a fun time... Can we do it again?

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