Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Garden Dragon aka Texas Spiny Lizard and Jager, the Dragon Hunter :)

This was the first time I caught him sunning himself on the driveway... Usually he is on the brick of the house and gone by the time I can go get my camera. He didn't move as I walked around him (distance of about 4-5 feet away) but his eyes sure followed every move. Then suddenly he turned around and started back up the driveway to only stop short when he realized Jager was there staring at him. Jager was on his leash at the time. Knowing Jager could never catch him, we took the leash off. The "Dragon" ran under the car. Jager took chase and tried to get to it. Of course he was way too large to get under the car. Then as Jager ran to the far side of the car, the lizard dashed out and ran over the house and up the brick. Stayed there out of Jager's leash until after we went back into the house. Jager was prancing around, so proud of himself. Our Dragon Hunter :) 

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